The Sparks team cares more about making the right choice for us, rather than what pays the highest commission to them.
Jeff Long, Chairman and Principal Owner, LONG Building Technologies

Sparks Financial's holistic approach is the most unique and different approach that sets them apart from other investment advisors.
Ray Samuelson, Retired CFO, UPC a subsidiary of Liberty Global

What I admire most about the Sparks team is the connection the team has to each other. It's clear that they all respect each other, and that comes out in the outstanding service they offer.

I appreciate Sparks Financial's service. It's always very prompt, precise and friendly.
Mike Bowen, Branch Manager and Senior Loan Officer, Guild Mortgage

I value the down to earth smart professionals that understand when to listen and when to advise.

With Sparks Financial, I am proud of accomplishing the understanding that saving and investing are a discipline that needs much more than just asking for your money. It requires a well thought out plan that has merit.
Trenton Staley, President, Mission Global, LLC

I really feel the Sparks team focuses on what is best for my family vs. what is best for the Sparks team. I can cite many instances in which what has been recommended for us was not what would generate the most return for the Sparks team. This is truly a strong example of the team working to build long-term partnerships.
Mary McBride, Former President of CoBank

I can sleep at night knowing that my wife and I are very well equipped to handle the financial hurdles we will face when I retire.

I have worked with a number of service providers in the financial world but we were very blessed to find Scott and his team to lay the foundation of what my family needed both in life insurance and in planning for my retirement. I encourage my friends to meet Scott and his team as soon as they can, because they will be thoroughly impressed with what the Sparks Financial team will provide.
Rob Link, Executive Vice President, CBRE

Sparks Financial has the tools to put together a comprehensive investment and retirement plan, which covers all the component pieces. The plan is updated regularly, and you know exactly where you are and where you want and need to be in the future. Also, Sparks Financial's personnel are all extremely knowledgeable, and they all treat you like family and good friends.

With Sparks Financial, we put together a comprehensive plan that should last us the rest of our lives, developing a better mix of assets and investments, engaging Kim and our sons in the process, funding our future financial security.
Joel Reed, Principal, Mereo LLC
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